Monday, October 31, 2005

Reflections on uber-geekness...

As extreme and weird as we may seem in our computer-related projects, the truth is that we're often doing the same things as normal users. Its just that we find much more sophisticated ways of accomplishing them...

Normal people use laptops to get computing anywhere in the house.
Ubergeeks deploy a server infrastructure with a hot-desktable thin-client solution.

Normal people check e-mail through their ISP or something like gmail/hotmail/etc.
Ubergeeks run their own e-mail server with IMAP+SSL, SMTP AUTH, and server-side mail filtering.

Normal people use their desktop PC when they need to run a Windows application.
Ubergeeks install Windows 2000 Server on a SunPCi card in their Sun enterprise server and install Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server to provide multi-user Windows application access authenticated through Samba, and still refuse to play Snood.

Normal people listen to MP3s with WinAmp or iTunes off their desktop's hard drive.
Ubergeeks mount an NFS export from their RAID file server and play the MP3s in XMMS.

Normal people watch movies off their DVD player or their cable services.
Ubergeeks construct network-booted machines running MythTV to stream movies off their RAID file server.

Normal people buy telephones at Walmart and use them to talk to their friends.
Ubergeeks run Cat5e across their houses, and deploy an IP Telephony solution through an Asterisk box.

Normal people think a "router" is an $80 Linksys box you buy at CompUSA that lets them connect multiple PCs to the internet.
Ubergeeks think a "router" is a multi-service rackmount Cisco device with ethernet, T1, and frame-relay interfaces, capable of supporting OSPF and BGP.

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