Monday, February 06, 2006

New blog!

My blog on LiveJournal was more like a collage of personal ramblings and reflections, and the blogs there from various friends of mine were also like that. As such, I've decided to separate out the technical content. Below you'll see a bunch of technical posts that I've copied over here. In the future, I hope to put all my technical postings on this site instead.

Why am I doing this? Well, the reasons are two-fold. First, most technical postings on LJ would get lost in the noise of personal-life ramblings from everyone on everyone else's friends pages. Second, I'd rather post these in a forum open to people that really have no need nor desire to know about any of my own personal-life ramblings.

I'd also like to have a personal tech blog to complement my efforts on this website:
Household Enterprise Computing

As well as my tinkerings with this excessive collection of operational computer hardware:
Logicprobe Systems List
(or any of the many less-operational boxes that I didn't bother to list there)

If anyone still wants to know exactly what I consider "Household Enterprise Computing" to be, here is a good writeup that I did a while ago.

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